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Susan Solovic, The Small Business Expert is an award-winning entrepreneur, an attorney, a New York Times best-selling author, a media personality and a highly sought after keynote speaker.

How to use Facebook Tagging to Create Marketing Synergy

How to use Facebook Tagging to Create Marketing Synergy

Synergy is one of those words that seems to go in and out of style every couple of years. People pick up on it, overuse it, and then it drops out of the current business lingo.

But that doesn’t mean “synergy” disappear from your tool box of marketing strategies, even when the word itself is suffering through one of its unpopular spells. Content and social media marketing are areas where it pays off to develop synergistic relationships with other businesses.

Synergy is created when you develop a relationship that benefits your business and the business of someone else. The benefits come because each member in the synergistic relationship takes actions that are mutually beneficial.

For example, if a wedding photographer and wedding planner both had websites and listed each other on a “preferred service provider” page; that would be a type of marketing synergy.

Create synergy on Facebook

I think Facebook is an overlooked platform you can use to create digital marketing synergy. The technique is simple, but not often implemented:

Tag business pages that are related to your business, but not direct competitors.

You probably know how to tag people when you’re using your personal Facebook account. Most often we use this feature to tag people in photos or when we check into a location.

However, you can tag businesses when you post to your business page. This might work best when you post a blog or other piece of content to your Facebook business page.

Here’s how this can work. If you were a used car dealer in your city, you might want to establish a synergistic relationship with one or more tire dealers. You might put together a short post explaining how you get vehicles ready to sell and that if there’s ever a question about the tires on a car, you get new tires at the company that provides the best service in your town.

How to tag a biz page on Facebook

To tag that company’s Facebook business page, you do it like this: @GreatTires. Of course, you replace “GreatTires” with the name of the company’s Facebook page. The company you tag will be notified that they have been tagged in your post. People who read your post will see the name of the company and could click on it to see the company’s Facebook page. Also, in this case, GreatTires could share the post on their page.

If you communicate with the management of the companies you plan to tag, you can ask them to return the favor when they are posting appropriate content…and hopefully they will do it. If they don’t, find a company that will.

(Note that on your business page you can only tag other business pages. You can’t tag individuals.)

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