Security & Protection for Your Business

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security Every year, thousands of small-business owners lose money, property and sensitive information to breaches in security and fraud protection. The articles in this section explore all aspects of these crimes, as well as offer practical, effective suggestions for avoiding potential catastrophe.
Office Protection

Office and Workplace Security -- An Overview - Learn the basics of keeping your offices and workplace safe and secure for employees, clients and customers.

PC Security - Keeping your PCs safe from viruses, hackers, phishers, and unauthorized use protects your business, your customers, and your employees.

Protecting Your Passwords - Most passwords are easy to guess; make sure your passwords protect sensitive information from unauthorized use.

Perform Effective Background Checks Before Hiring - Screening candidates can strengthen the safety and security of your company. Use this simple process to perform solid background checks.

Discipline and Termination - Learn how to prepare and keep employees safe when a disciplinary action turns ugly.

Protect Your Company and Customers Against Employee Fraud - Implement these safeguards to protect you and your business from dishonest employees, clients or customers.

Fraud Protection

Protect Against Identity Theft - Learn about simple ways to safeguard sensitive information and protect your customers from identity theft.

Keeping Tabs onYour Company's Credit - A good company credit history is as important as great personal credit. Check your report regularly to counter fraudulent activity.

ACH Fraud Protection - Electronic funds transfers are fast and easy but can be a source of fraudulent activity. Keep accounts safe by preventing ACH fraud.

Performing Internal Audits - Learn how to identify fraudulent activity by making simple, periodic checks of key processes, accounts and assets.

Understanding the Red Flags Rule - Learn about government legislation regarding identity theft and your legal responsibilities around credit programs and billing.

Build Safe Vendor Relationships - Building strong relationships with your vendors may prevent falling victim to vendor - and employee - fraud.

Training Employees to Prevent Fraud - Your employees are your best line of defense against internal and external fraud; learn how to train them to safeguard your company.

Fighting Online Banking Fraud - There are many steps your financial institutions take to protect you from fraud, and there are some that you can take as well. Click here to find out more.

Protecting Yourself in Mobile Banking - Read these tips on safeguarding your financial and personal information when conducting mobile banking chores.

The Ins and Outs of Managing Cash Flow

In your medical practice, cash flow is perhaps the most important business concept to master. But what is cash flow and how does it work in the medical industry?
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Healthcare: A Basic Guide to Coverage

Small-business owners seeking to provide some degree of healthcare benefits to their employees have a big job ahead of them. They must decide exactly what products will best fit their companies' unique needs.
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Handling Employee Payroll: In House or External?

Most people did not go into business dreaming of managing payroll, but payroll management is an incredibly important function.
Managing payroll can be time consuming and expensive. If you have employees, you can choose whether to keep the function in house or to use outside services.
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positive pay Our Bank's Positive Pay is an automated cash management service that deters check fraud. Reduce the risk of unauthorized check payments and losses resulting from lost or stolen checks and/or unauthorized ACH debits. Read More triangle
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