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Optional Products

Optional Products
  • Business Solutions Analyzer - Created for your business prospects to answer a few questions and have the appropriate bank product recommended to them.
  • Retail Solution Analyzer - The Retail Analyzer demonstrates how you can have a service on your site that asks prospects a few questions and then provides them with the suggested bank product.
  • Cash Management Analyzer - Although some of the Cash Management Analyzer services can be found in the Business Solutions Analyzer, this demonstration shows how you can break this out and up-sell your existing clients with your Cash Management Services.
  • Cash Management Sales Tool - Want to create these services for your branch sales people? This service demonstrates how your bank can have this tool created for your branch officials when speaking with a client at the bank.
  • Retail Checking Analyzer - Don’t want to offer an analyzer for all of your retail services? Let this analyzer demonstrate for you how we can create just the individual products you want to offer.
  • Personal Finance Center - A great addition to your content library is our Personal Finance Center. Like the BRC that helps your business clients, this content will provide your personal banking clients a wealth of information to help them make informed decisions about their finances.
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