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Introduction to Blogging

Introduction to Blogging

Writing an effective blog is one part art, one part science. Refer to these articles to learn how a blog can help promote your business and build an online following. Study up on best practices and how to manage content as well.

  • What is a Blog? - A blog is a website with a specific format consisting of posts or articles that appear in reverse chronological order so the most recent posts appear first. Refer to this section for a snapshot of blog structure and organization, as well as a list of free and fee-based blogging platforms.
  • Blogging for Business - Companies are blogging to promote their businesses and attract customers. This article summarizes the reasons you should blog, along with specific attributes of the best blogs.
  • Blogging Best Practices - Blogging for your company demands solid strategy and clear communication. Here are six ways to make your corporate blog a powerful marketing and communications tool.
  • Building a Community on Blogs - Refer to this article for guidelines on the legalities of running a blog community, strategies for establishing and running a blog, as well as building viewership.
  • Managing Blog Content - The key to a successful blog is consistency. A blog editorial calendar will help you achieve this by connecting topics to specific dates, promotions and other important events.
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