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Business Videos

Business Videos


Government Contracting

Starting a Business

  • SBA Introduction - The U.S. Small Business Administration is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small business owners start, grow, and succeed in their business ventures.
  • SBA: How to write a Business Plan - This short video describes how to write a business plan.
  • SBA Resources For Veterans - From training programs to access to loans, learn about the various business resources available to veterans from the U.S. Small Business Administration in this video.
  • SBA Resources For Women - Learn about the resources available to help women entrepreneurs succeed. From training to government contracting programs, SBA is here to help.
  • SBA Local Assistance - SBA has many offices and resource partners that counsel, mentor and train small business owners and entrepreneurs. With offices located near you and assistance available online, this network can help your business start up, succeed and grow. Watch this video to learn more.

Managing a Business

  • Business Insurance - You have worked hard to build your business consider protecting it with insurance.
  • Security - Protect your business information by listening to the some these suggestions.


  • Social Media - Learn about the benefits and downsides of social media marketing.

Getting Out of Business

  • Getting Out Of Business - Listen to the discussion on the business exit strategy when it is time to leave your business behind.

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