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Training Techniques for Sales Staff

Training Techniques for Sales Staff

Depending on the nature and size of your business, you may require a team of salespeople to achieve your goals - and they will need training. Leading marketing managers recommend kicking off any training program by ensuring the team understands your policies, procedures, and code of conduct. This may sound obvious, but it is vital that you not make any assumptions. Being clear with employees upfront can eliminate future conflicts.

In-depth understanding of the products or services your company offers is a lengthy process. Allow new employees sufficient time, based on product/service complexity, to observe successful sales presentations within your organization.

The following is a basic list of information to include in your sales training manuals:

  • Shift/salesperson schedule details
  • Clear outline of company benefits
  • Sales quotas (e.g., $5,000 a month; 30 units weekly)
  • Company history
  • Company policies and procedures (e.g., dress code, sick time, vacation, etc.)
  • Product information
  • Pay structure
  • Incentives
  • Bonuses

Encourage your sales team to set their own goals for success. This gives them a sense of ownership and a stronger feeling of accomplishment once they reach and surpass their targets.

By the same token, encourage each sales member to develop his or her own pitches; this will make their respective techniques more natural. Also, ask the sales team to role-play with one another for practice. Rehearsing the presentations, again and again, will boost confidence, bolster morale, and foster camaraderie.

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