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Real Estate Licensing/Certification

Real Estate Licensing/Certification

The real estate industry truly is proactive in providing its members with career growth opportunities. In this section, ambitious professionals will find links to all manners of licensure and continuing education venues, many sponsored by the National Association of Realtors. Some of the featured specialties include: real estate buyer's agent, accredited land consultant, residential specialist and senior real estate specialist.

  • Qualifications for Obtaining a Real Estate License

    Even though experience allows an agent to move up in a brokerage, or branch out into specialty fields such as property management, every aspiring agent must become licensed by the state in which they work to be able to legally represent a seller or buyer. Individual State Licensing Commissions should be contacted for specific requirements.

  • Real Estate Industry: Training & Continuing Education

    Every state requires professionals with real estate licenses to earn continuing education credits. A number of trade groups and REALTOR Associations provide programs for their members to gain the credentials needed to maintain their license.

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