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Archive of Sales and Marketing Articles – Megan Rutherford

Archive of Sales and Marketing Articles – Megan Rutherford
  • Techniques for Smarter (NOT HARDER) Marketing
    When in a small business, marketing can be a challenging and hard task. Learning smarter techniques and embracing marketing will make a huge difference.... more
  • The Power of Promotional Marketing
    Promotional marketing can be the best way to gain recognition for your business no matter the size. Learning all the marketing techniques and the process of promotional marketing can be very useful for your business.... more
  • 10 Strategies to Quickly Master Social Media for Small Businesses
    Social media is a great platform for advertising your business. Learning how to master all social media platforms is important and necessary for your business.... more
  • Omni-Channel Marketing
    By employing omni-channel marketing strategies, a company will be able to create a more personalized communication experience, regardless of the device being used.... more
  • Chabots in Marketing: Are They the Future of Customer Service?
    Chatbots are the next great marketing channel out there. Using them in your small business can be highly effective.... more
  • Guide to Writing a Sales and Marketing Plan
    Start off on the right foot. A sales and marketing plan is essential to any small business's success.... more
  • Facebook Advertising in 2018
    Facebook advertising has been around for some time now. However, it is still constantly evolving and becoming more and more useful for your business.... more
  • Pros and Cons of Push and Pull Marketing
    Push and Pull Marketing are two types of marketing strategies that small businesses should know how to utilize.... more
  • Marketing and Distribution Channels for Small Businesses
    Every business should carefully research and evaluate the best channels to effectively get the best marketing and distribution channel in place. Having a strategic plan in place will allow your small business to maximize its profits.... more
  • Sales at a Small Business - What's Your Funnel?
    Track the customer process. A sales funnel can be the key to measuring, managing and forecasting the sales process.... more
  • Out of the Box Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses
    Marketing is the way to get new customers and keep the current. Doing some out of the box marketing ideas is a great strategy for your small business.... more
  • CRM/Database Creation and Management for the Small Business
    Every small business should have a CRM/ database in place. However, the one you have might not be the best option for your company. Evaluating your CRM system and weighing out all the features and benefits it has to offer is important.... more
  • Low-Cost Advertising Ideas for Small Businesses
    Advertising can get pretty costly. Learning some new innovative ideas to boost sales and advertise with little to no cost can be very beneficial.... more
  • Small Business Strategies for Customer Service in the 21st Century
    The main goal for every small business is remarkable customer service. With all the new technology and modern communications, satisfying all of your customer service needs should be possible. Learning and using strategies will help make it easier.... more
  • Creating a Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses
    With only a little bit of time and effort you can easily create a marketing strategy. One of the smartest things and most essential tool for every small business is a good marketing strategy.... more
  • Boosting Sales for a Small Business
    With a limited budget you may think it will be hard to boost your sales. By using the right practices for your small business you can boost your sales on a budget. With the right tips and marketing strategies it is possible.... more
  • Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing- What’s Right for Your Small Business?
    Learning what is right for your business when it comes to marketing takes time, effort, and money. Whether your utilizing outbound or inbound strategies, communicating with customers, building a brand, and promoting products are all key benefits of marketing.... more
  • Getting Your Business Found Online
    No matter what type of business you have, being found online is crucial. Digital marketing can be done at an affordable cost that will yield a good return on investment.... more
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