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Op-Ed: Utah Legislature Helps Small Businesses (04/19/2022)

In an op-ed for the Provo (UT) Daily Herald (4/12), Utah State Director for NFIB Casey Hill wrote that “the condition of the small-business economy is in a lot better shape in Utah’s compared to other parts of the nation, and it’s going to improve at an even faster rate this year thanks to positive actions taken by the Utah State Legislature during the 2022 session.” Hill pointed to “the passage of Senate Bill 59, which lowers the state income tax rate from 4.95% to 4.85%” and “the increased exemptions in the tangible personal property tax (TPPT) contained in Senate Bill 93.” Also, with passage of Senate Bill 212, lawmakers created a Manufacturing Modernization Grant Program within the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity with $10 million in initial funding.

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