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Online Videos Can Demonstrate Your Small Business’s Commitment to Safety

Dave Pelland has extensive experience covering the business use of technology, networking and communications tools by companies of all sizes. Dave's editorial and corporate experience includes more than 10 years editing an electronic technology and communications industry newsletter for a global professional services firm.
Easy to produce videos can increase your company’s visibility, show your dedication to safety, and help you stay in touch with your customers during the COVID-19 crisis. Online Videos Can Demonstrate Your Small Business’s Commitment to Safety

With companies of all sizes being forced to adapt their business operations to accommodate social distancing and stay-at-home orders, online videos can be an important tool in helping you maintain connections with customers while demonstrating your company’s commitment to safety.

Videos posted on your company site and social media pages can help your company convey two important messages: that you’re working to keep your customers and team members safe, and that you’re available to serve them as best as you can under the circumstances.

How your company addresses this situation depends, of course, on your industry and customer base. Regardless of who you serve, however, there are ways you can demonstrate to your customers how you’ve adapted and remind people how you can help.

Industry Specifics

One of the industries that has been affected most dramatically by the coronavirus pandemic has been the restaurant and bar sector, with dining rooms and lounges being closed by state order. Some locations have closed for the duration, while others have added curbside pickup, new take-out windows, and home delivery.

These changes offer a compelling opportunity to produce videos showing your customers the precautions you’re taking in your kitchen, and demonstrating how the pick-up process works.

For example, you can show someone ordering online or on the phone, then cut to footage of people driving up and receiving their order. Potential angles include from inside a vehicle or outside on the sidewalk, showing your team members handing orders to customers.

If you are offering delivery, you can show how your orders are being processed and prepared for delivery. A number of restaurants are highlighting “contactless delivery” in their ads and social media posts, and a video can explain how your business is accomplishing that.

Using videos to show customers how your process works affords several advantages. First, it provides useful information that makes the process smoother for your customers. Second, it provides interesting content for your social media pages and your website. Lastly, it provides an opportunity to increase engagement with customers and prospects.

Even if your business is not a restaurant, you still have opportunities to demonstrate how you are providing products or services safely in this environment. For instance, if you have a production or fulfillment process, potential videos can show how you clean your facility, or you can show workers at appropriate distances and wearing masks or gloves.

A professional services firm can also show how it is adapting its operations. For example, a legal or accounting firm can film a video showing customers signing documents in their car or at a small table in their office, separated from other people.

Don’t Stress About Quality

An important thing to remember about your videos is that the message is more important than the quality of your production. Your smartphone offers a good video camera, and there is a wide range of apps available to do simple editing.

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