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Defining Social Media

Defining Social Media

Social Media - Learn how to use social media to build your brand, provide customer service and market your company. We’ll teach you how to leverage social and mobile networks using best practices to expand your marketing efforts. We’ll also provide details on how to develop your Social Media Calendar and internal and external policies to keep you on track.

  • What is Social Media - Social media are the web-based and mobile tools and networks that can connect your business to your customers and prospects.
  • Social Media Best Practices - Learning to use social media properly for social interaction, collaboration, sharing and information exchange can enhance your traditional marketing and communications efforts online and through mobile devices.
  • Developing a Social Media Calendar - Social media may be about conversations, but as a company with marketing goals and objectives, you need to plan out some of the messages you want to convey about your brand, your products or services.
  • Internal and External Policies - Who sets the rules when it comes to using social media? Every social media network, tool, channel and app creates their own rules, also referred to as “Terms of Service” (TOS). Your organization should develop your own rules, guidelines and policies.
  • Introduction to Social Networking - Social networks are a major component of social media marketing, sites where your company can build your brand and tap into the exponential word-of-mouth reach from the connections within these networks.
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