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Travel Resources

Travel Resources

Whether going 60 miles - or 6,000 – business owners traveling for work have a lot of preparation ahead. Besides making reservations, planning itineraries and packing up laptops, files and mobile devices, they also must leave home operations in good order.

Overseas travel is even more complex, involving significant paperwork, special health precautions, and a slew of time and technology adjustments. What’s more, recent years have seen an increase in unsafe conditions abroad.

The following sections address the fine points of both domestic and international travel. Refer to them for tips, guidelines, and regulatory information aimed at making your next business trip smooth and productive.

  • Business Travel: Planning to Go - Read these tips on travel agents, do-it-yourself planning, travel insurance, packing, communication strategies, and much more.
  • Business Travel: On the Road - Follow this practical advice for a smooth and productive trip. Topics include safety, airport security, healthy traveling, connectivity, and much more.
  • International Travel: The Easy Way - This section provides information on passports, visas, customs, safety, communication, and emergencies, as well as a list of government and private travel resources.
  • Stay Safe in Dangerous Times - Sometimes business travelers must visit countries with unstable governments, poor hygienic conditions, or ongoing criminal activities. Learn how to keep safe, and tips for what to do if you get into trouble.
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