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Communications and Work Anywhere

Communications and Work Anywhere
  • Running Your Small Business in the Cloud - Moving key applications and tools to a cloud service provider will help you save money. With a number of popular desktop programs only available in the cloud, Small Businesses are seeing the advantages. In the long run switching to cloud services will save money and time.
  • Small Business Conferencing and Collaboration - Many tools will come in handy when it comes to getting people together to get stuff done. Tools like videoconferences, smartphone tools, or even phone-only conferencing are all very useful.
  • Designing Your Small Business Phone System - Having a professional phone system is key to running a successful business. Deciding which system to use will vary based on your needs, budget, and growth plans.
  • Small Business Computing - Deciding which computing device is best for your company can be confusing. Understanding your company's needs and your business goals will make it easier when choosing which devices suit your company best.
  • Accepting Mobile Payments - Mobile payments are starting to make their way into the mainstream. It's allowing small businesses to increase their sales and cash flow.
  • Small Business Cybersecurity - Businesses can be considered easier targets when it comes to cyber hacks. Paying close attention to plug-ins like Java or Flash and installing security software are some ways to help protect your business.
  • Mobile Small Business Sales Management - Mobile customer relationship management tools will help your small business grow and improve sales. Different tools emphasize different features. Learning what works best for your business will allow sales to go up while cost of administrative activities goes down.
  • Mobile Small Business Customer and Worker Scheduling - Managing time and scheduling can easily become a big headache in your business. Between customer service and balancing work shifts, there are many things that need careful planning. There are tools that help manage your time better!
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